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Dear Neighbors,

I have been walking through the new and old neighborhoods of the remapped 7
th district. Thank you for the warm welcomes while visiting your homes and businesses. Your gracious hospitality is truly appreciated. The ideas for legislation come from our conversations on your front porch or at your kitchen table. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

With Heartfelt Gratitude


Peggy works on legislation in a bipartisan manner. Her independent track record reflects the work on behalf of her constituents.

"Peggy is committed to empowering parents to get the information they need to make the best school decision for their children."

Christina Thiele and Jose Hurtado

"We can count on Peggy to stand up to powerful interests in Madison and look out for our families."

Don and Caroline Zilles

"Peggy has been a consistent supporter of controlling property taxes so older adults and others on fixed incomes can stay in their homes."

Chuck and Rita Ehster

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