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Creating Jobs
Job Tax Credits: Voted against taking millions of dollars out of our wallet to give large businesses job tax credits (2011 AB 1, 2011 Act 88; 2011 SSAB 4, 2011 Act 4). Wisconsin has lost more jobs than any other state in the country.

Technical Schools: Wisconsin technical colleges can work directly with Wisconsin businesses to train people for job skills. Over 750 welding and machining positions in the Milwaukee region were unfilled due to unqualified candidates (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 3, 2012).

Mining Bill: Jobs are needed in Northern Wisconsin. Unfortunately, insufficient time was allowed to go through the details of the 180 page bill. Safeguards need to be in place to protect our environment for generations to come.
Increasing Public Safety
Drunk Driving: Convened a bipartisan workgroup of experts and victims' families. Crafted a bill to increase the likelihood that repeat offenders will be caught (2011 AB 670).

Protecting Families: Worked with families to write tougher laws for revoked or suspended drivers who cause injury or death (2011 AB 80, 2011 Act 113).

Protecting Your Pocketbook
Property Taxes: Voted several times for property tax freeze legislation. Authored a Homestead Tax Credit law to benefit homeowners and renters on a fixed income.
Advocating for Seniors and Others
Family Care: Voted to lift the cap for people who want to stay in their homes instead of moving into a nursing home (2011 AB 380, 2011 Act 127).

SeniorCare: Authored bipartisan legislation that became SeniorCare, the nation's best senior prescription benefit program. I will fight to extend the program beyond 2012 (2012 Act 16, 2001 AB 132, 1999 AB 705).

Nursing Home Reforms: Authored landmark nursing home reforms that increased penalties against homes that violate patient codes (1997 Act 237).

Caregiver Background Checks: Authored national model legislation requiring criminal background checks for all workers in nursing homes, home health agencies, and child care settings (1997 Act 27).
School Test Scores for Parents: Worked to require voucher schools be held to the same standards as public schools. All test scores should be easily available to the public. Parents should be able to access information to find the high performing schools (AA 2 to 2011 AB 142).

School Bus Insurance: Crafted legislation to protect our children on school buses (2011 AB 711).

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